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UC520 historical reporting and voicemail capacity


If I need to configure historical reporting which requires the mailbox capacity to be 480 or less, what effect would continuing at the prompt below have on users' current mailboxes? enabled
!!!WARNING!!!: You are seeing this message because Historical Reporting has never been enabled on this system. You would be allowed to enable Historical Reporting only if the Voicemail mailbox capacity is less than or equal to:480 mins.
Note:If the Voicemail capacity is less than: 480 mins, and if you were to enable Historical Reporting now, you would not be able to increase it again, even if Historical Reporting were to be disabled. You must re-install the system to increase the Voicemail capacity again.

Do you wish to continue[n]? :

Current capacity: show voicemail limits

Default Mailbox Size (seconds):         775

Default Caller Message Size (seconds):  240

Maximum Recording Size (seconds):       900

Default Message Age (days):             30

System Capacity (minutes):              840

Default Prompt Language:                systemDefault

Operator Telephone:                     100

Maximum Broadcast Size (seconds):       300

Broadcast Message Age (days):           30

Broadcast Message MWI:                  disabled

Play Caller Id:                         enabled

Mandatory Message Expiry:               disabled

Mailbox Selection:                      last-redirect

Thanks. Any insight greatly appreciated. 


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UC520 historical reporting and voicemail capacity

What I'm trying to accomplish is track the call volume routed to an extension. Is historical reporting the best way to accomplish this or is there another method?


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