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UC520 Media Flow around with H.323

Hi all,

Is there any way to configure media flow around when connecting some UC500 with H.323 trunks? For example:

    Phone1 - UC5001 - H323 - UC5002 - Phone2

    By default, when Phone 1 calls Phone 2, media must go through UC5001 and UC5002 before reaching Phone2. Is there any way to configure UC500 so media is directly sent between phones?

I can see that we can configure media flow-around under voice service voip in CME. However we need IPIPGW feature set on gateway for that. Is it the same case for the above also. Will it work?



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Re: UC520 Media Flow around with H.323

Hi Sriram,

As far as I am aware the RTP path must go through both systems, especially with H.323, what you are after is more of a SIP function but again I am not sure if the Cisco IOS supports this capability any way, as this would reduce the call control functionality of the system.

However in saying that H.323 is old school and I never played much with it only when doing Tier-1 carrier termination back in the days.

Then again I could be wrong and someone from Cisco will provide the correct answer never done it myself or had a need to do it and not sure what advantages you would get doing this other than preventing multiple paths in the routing of the call.



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Re: UC520 Media Flow around with H.323

This link should answer your questions.  The other links in the post will explain what CUBE does and how media flow around vs media flow through works.

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