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UC520 T1/E1 card configuration question

I'm trying to configure the T1 card on my uc520 to use the channel signalin (E&M)

because the isdn signaling options are not enable in the avaya pbx that Im trying to connect too.

Under the Channels (DS0groups) I have the option to separate groups for incoming and outgoing calls

is it recommended to enalbe this option?

I have not enable this option and have configured the avaya  PBX on this site to use E&M signaling.

On a Remote site I have configured  another uc520 connected to another avaya PBX using ISDN-PRI.

everything on this site seems to be working ok.

I'm able to make calls from this Avaya pbx routed them through the uc520 over the wan to the remote uc520 and into the remote pbx with no

problems, but I'm unable to do the same thing from the remote side.


Re: UC520 T1/E1 card configuration question

You do not need to separate the E&M T1 into an incoming / outgoing group. You can use one single group for both.

For the 2nd issue:

PBX-1 -- T1 E&M -- UC520-1 --- H.323 VOIP --- UC520-2--T1 PRI --- PBX-2

You can make calls from PBX-2 to PBX-1 but not the other way? Do you have IP phones at any of the UC520? If so it may be worth trying to see if the you can call from PBX-1 to an IP phone on UC520-1 (same UC520) & call from PBX-1 to an IP phone on PBX-2 to help isolate if the issue is local or remote. This would require looking at your config in depth and perhaps even debuging - a TAC case maybe the best option.

An app note on Multi Site - note this is targeted towards IP phones on both sites that may help:

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