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UC520 voicemail caller input not working from outside

I have an UC520 running the latest software 8.2.0.

For some reason, when calling from outside, during one's voicemail greeting, the caller's input does not work (0 for operator, etc).  I have the Voicemail Operator Number configured in CUE.

Here's how I can replicate this problem-

Caller uses a mobile phone to to call main number of office, AA picks up and presses 3 digit extension.  Call rings at this extension and after few rings, goes to voicemail.  During voicemail greeting, caller presses 0 to go to operator.  Caller hears "wait while I transfer the call" and there is just silence afterwards.  (I get the same result when I dial our main number from the office phone).

What's strange is that, when I dial an extension directly from the office phone and during vmail greeting, I hit 0, it goes to operator successfully.

Any ideas?



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UC520 voicemail caller input not working from outside

So calling in? What are you using for inbound calling? SIP, ISDN?

Have you recently upgraded using CCA 3.1 or something? There is a known bug with CCA 3.1 that didn’t apply the correct config both sides of the CME and voicemail for DTMF. CCA 3.1.1 fixes the issue.

If the above is not the case please post back.

Hope this helps.


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Re: UC520 voicemail caller input not working from outside

Hey Craig,

Sorry for getting back so late.  I am using SIP for inbound/outbound here.

I just did another test -

If I call my AA, then dial my extension to be transferred, option 0 does not work.

However, if I dial a DID assigned to my extension and then during voicemail, try the option 0, it does work.

It seems like somewhere during the call transfer between AA and CUE, things get messed up.


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