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UC520W-16U-4FXO-K9 with VIC2-4FXO ?

Hi all,

i got the uc520 FXO ports configured for 4 lines. there is a need to configure and activate 2 more ports.

How do i go about it?



Re: UC520W-16U-4FXO-K9 with VIC2-4FXO ?

Not one of my favorite datasheets, since UC520 needs an update, but table 6 is still accurate....

You buy a VWIC for the empty slot.

You power down the UC520 after you svae all the configuration on IOS and CUE.

You install the new card and power up.  It should be recognized and ready to configure just like the other 4 ports on the built in card.

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UC520W-16U-4FXO-K9 with VIC2-4FXO ?

To resurrect an old discussion, I recently added a 4FXO card to a UC520.  After restart I could configure the ports just fine, but for some reason the system will not use those ports for outbound calls.  Incoming calls work fine and route as configured, but outgoing calls will not work.

The built-in FXO ports are in one trunk group (access code 9), the new FXO ports are in a different group (access code 7).  I have two phones set to use trunk group 7 with priority 1, then failing over to group 9 with priority 7.  On every outbound call from those phones there are several seconds of silence before the phones use trunk group 9 to place the call. 

There is no audible dial tone when accessing trunk group 7, but there is audible dial tone when accessing trunk group 9.

Any suggestions?

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UC520W-16U-4FXO-K9 with VIC2-4FXO ?

Any suggestions?

Update IOS. If still trouble, include config and traces here.

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UC520W-16U-4FXO-K9 with VIC2-4FXO ?

Perfect timing. Please read my document. It will demonstrate how to maintain seperate dialing pools.


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