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UC520W location settings


I have recently been given the UC520W to play with seeing as though I have completed the PEC courses and certification on the SMB products.

I have come across the problem that Australia is not in the list of valid locations when configuring through CCA. Can anyone tell me if there is some upgrade for either CCA or the UC520W software to enable Australian settings. The problem is that if I leave the system as US, then I cannot write valid Australian values for long distance digits, emergency numbers, or destination codes amongst others.

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Re: UC520W location settings

I agree we don't have localization for Australia. The current localization supports US English and UK English for Phone display and voicemail prompt.

Upcoming CCA release 1.5 will allow you to configure non-NA (North America) dialplan. This feature will give you the flexibility to define your local dialplan

- Number of digits in Area Code

- Number of digits in Local Number

- Digits for placing long distance (National) calls

- Digits for placing International calls

- Access code

- Emergency numbers (up to 3)



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Re: UC520W location settings

Oh I forgot to mention, CCA release 1.5 is scheduled for December '07 timeframe.

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Re: UC520W location settings

Thanks for the response saverma. Would upgrading the version of Unified Comms Manager resolve the issue?? I was reading releases and it seems that Australian locale settings werent added until v5 (unless I read wrong)

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