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UC540 and Valcom 2001A

I am having an issue with a Cisco UC540 and Valcom paging system

We get this hooked up and it seems to work fine, but after a few hours whenever you dial an outside line the button presses go out over the paging system

Anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong with this unit.




Re: UC540 and Valcom 2001A

Hi James,

I have used a Valcom 9970 connected to a FXS line.

I guess the Valcom 2001A is connected to a FX0 line as the install instructions for the VALCOM 2201A shows the unit connected to a CO tip and ring.

I think the calls are routing to the Valcom when the other FX0 ports are busy.  Could this be the case  ?

Gotta use CCA to make sure that outgoing calls routing is not routed to that FX0 port.

But I must admit i prefer to use a VALCOM 9970 for single zone paging and connect it to a UC540 FXS port.

Then all I have to do is call a phone extension, like x301 to activate overhead paging.

regards Dave

Community Member

Re: UC540 and Valcom 2001A

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

I found that the dial plan for local numbers had the page fxo port listed in it. None of the other plans had it.

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