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UC540 at 32 phone limit

We have a UC540 deployed at a customers site.  When we sold the unit last year, they had 24 users.   They have recently expanded and now need 34 phones.

Is the 32 phone limit a hard limit?   When I run a sh ver on the UC, it says we're licensed for 30 users.  If we buy the 8 user pack license can we expand the system to 38 phones?  The max-ephones is set to 40.  On the data sheet for the UC540 it says it comes with "32 user licenses, 8 supplemental user licenses”, would that be why the max-ephones is set to 40?

Since the UC500 series has gone EOL, we aren't able to upgrade them to the UC560 and upgrading to an ISR with CME means replacing all the phones as well.  It would be a difficult sell to the customer to tell them we need to remove they're year-old phone system and replace it with something different.

Any suggestions or insight would be much appreciated.



Community Member

UC540 at 32 phone limit

Hello Chris,

You can do one license upgrade on the UC540 to get to 32 users plus 8 supplemental user licenses. That would be a totlal of 40 users/ephones. The 8 supplemental user licenses are intended to be used with the FXS analog ports and VPN phones. If you aren't using the FXS ports, you can shut those down to free up those licenses for IP phones, and the same would be true if you aren't using any VPN phones.



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