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UC540 Cascading Message Notification

Hello All,

We have an opportunity to sell an existing customer a new UC540. The customer has some very specific requirements of the system that I have been trying to insure work before I tell them it will and end up with a mess.

1. The system should be able to allow each user to have 2 mailboxes. The first is for general messages and the only notification is via a message light and maybe an email (This is a no brainer, we all know the system performs this function). The second side of this is where there is it becomes a bit unsure.

2. The customer wants the callers once in a person's mailbox to be able to touch a single digit to be transfered to a secondary mailbox that is an emergency box. Once in this box, the caller can leave a messge and the message notification should first call the box owner's cell phone, if unanswered, retry again after 15 minutes, if unanswered the second time, call the home number and repeat the process on 15 minute increments. Ocasionally, the customer would like to enable a third number that would like to work in the same manner.

Thank's in advance.


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