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UC540 Configuring Power Save Configuation on 79xx Phones

I have looked through the CCA version 3.2 for a way to configure the 79xx series phones "Power Save Configuration" settings. The 79xx phones the customer uses are the 7945 and 7965. For those who are unaware of this feature it turns the LCD screen off on a predetermined schedule chosen by Cisco. The default settings in the phones are as follows:

1. Display On Time: 7:30

2. Display On Duration: 10:30

3. Display Idle Timeout: 01:00

4. Days Display Not Active: Sunday, Saturday

5. Display On If Incoming Call: Disabled

These settings are fine for a typical business, but what about customer who is open 7 days a week or with extended hours. The phones "Power Save Configuration" should be set to the uc540 system schedule. If there is a supported way configuring through the CLI that would also be great. Any help would be appreciated thank you.

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Re: UC540 Configuring Power Save Configuation on 79xx Phones

After working with support I was told "In researching this issue I’ve come across the CLI settings for configuring it but could not get it working in my lab and it is not something we can spend time supporting if you’re not CLI specialized.". So I went into the CLI and found enough information that led me to the commands I used to solve my issue. I've tested the commands below on my uc540 and on a customers uc540 without any issues. Anytime you use the CLI make sure you back up your equipment. The information below is to configure the "Power Save Configuation on 79xx Phones" To verify the settings on a 79xx phone go to Settings --> Device Configuration --> Power Save Configuration.


User Access Verification






Configuring from terminal, memory, or network [terminal]? terminal

Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.



UC_540(config-telephony)#service phone displayOnTime 07:00

Modify the commands below but remember they are case sensitive:

service phone displayOnTime 07:00

service phone displayOnDuration 12:00

Service phone displayIdleTimeout 02:00

service phone daysDisplayNotActive 1

service phone displayOnWhenIncomingCall 1

create cnf-files

reset sequence-all

To go back to the default settings use:

service phone displayOnTime 07:30

service phone displayOnDuration 10:30

service phone displayIdleTimeout 01:00

service phone daysDisplayNotActive 1,7

service phone displayOnWhenIncomingCall 0

create cnf-files

reset sequence-all

Here are some hints:

“displayOnTime” --- Make sure you have a leading zero to make two digits 7:00 should be 07:00

“daysDisplayNotActive” options: --- Make sure to separate by commas if you use more than one day 1,2,3 etc...








“displayOnWhenIncomingCall” options:



“create cnf-files” This writes the phone configurations.

”reset sequence-all” This command restarts all phones with a 240 second delay between phones to guarantee TFTP access.

I hope this helps someone else in the future.

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UC540 Configuring Power Save Configuation on 79xx Phones

This is GREAT, how do you make the daysDisplayNotActive for none?  Meaning we are open 7 days.


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This worked for me, 2901 with

This worked for me, 2901 with CME v10.0.  Originally I tried entering the config under the ephone template, but that didn't work. Entered it globally under telephony-service, worked like a charm. 

Open 7 days:

"service phone daysDisplayNotActive ,"

The comma at the end does the trick.  Phone shows Days Display Not Active 'None'.


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