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uc540 - connecting remote phone over vpn tunnel how ?

ok i got a uc540

data vlan : /24

voice vlan : /24

so my phone gets ip in network and my PC get ip in network network is connected over vpn tunnel to network

i got a spa504g in network, phone's ip is

I want to connect the phone to my uc540. How can i do it ??

Also, is there a way to remove voice vlan so that the phone and pc would be in same network ( and it would be a lot easier to connect phone over vpn tunnel!

I think the problem is that my phone at can't reach tftp server which is at

So if i could delete the voice vlan, my tftp server would be and my phone could get the conf from the uc540.

Cisco Employee

uc540 - connecting remote phone over vpn tunnel how ?

Hi Tommy,

You should be able to reach, and if possible from network.  This can be arranged with the access lists on your vlan and/or wan interface on the UC540 and the other side of the VPN. If this is the only phone on the other network try adding the TFTP server manually to the phone also otherwise you can add option 150 to the DHCP server.



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