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UC540 Dial-plan not working

Hi All,

i have UC540 installed with 2 FXO cards connected to them 8 Analog lines the end user requirement to block outgoing calls form all phones except operator phone i apply the call permission for all phone as internal but they still can dial out .i have two rules one for local calls and one for international calls.

how can i block the out going calls for all phones expect operator.



note :config file attached

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Re: UC540 Dial-plan not working

Hello Moe,

Reviewing your configuration, it looks like the corlist is configured correctly. Generally speaking, for cor to work you need:

1. Cor custom list

2. Actual list of cors to apply to the dial peers

3. The cor's linked to a dial peer

4. The cor's linked to the ephone-dn


dial-peer cor custom

name internal

name local

name local-plus

name international

name national

name national-plus

name emergency

name toll-free

name internal_second_line

name local_second_line

name local-plus_second_line

name international_second_line

name national_second_line

name national-plus_second_line

name emergency_second_line

name toll-free_second_line

name international_second_line_FAC


dial-peer cor list user-internal

member internal

member emergency


dial-peer voice 60 pots

trunkgroup ALL_FXO

corlist outgoing call-local

description **CCA*North American-7-digit*7-Digit Local**

translation-profile outgoing OUTGOING_TRANSLATION_PROFILE

preference 5

destination-pattern 9[2-9]......

forward-digits all

no sip-register


ephone-dn  281  dual-line

number 206 no-reg primary

label ******

description ******


call-forward busy 399

call-forward noan 399 timeout 20

corlist incoming user-internal

translation-profile incoming CallBlocking


Cor configuration guide:

Are you using CCA or CLI to configure this UC? What version of IOS is on the UC? If you are using CCA, what version?



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UC540 Dial-plan not working

Hi John,

UC540 configured by CCA ver. 3.0 and the its running IOS 12.4 CME 8.



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UC540 Dial-plan not working

Hello Moe,

It is highly recommended that you update to the current verison of the Software pack - 8.6 and CCA 3.2.1. You will get additional 8 free licenses also when you update to SWP after 8.2.

Best regards,


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UC540 Dial-plan not working

Hi Alexander,

Is there any bug in the IOS that im using right now and how critical is it regard the licenses  i already have enough installed .

but the issue why the dial plan not apply after i configured it and save it ?



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UC540 Dial-plan not working

Hello Moe,

That is the original version of IOS for the UC. That version of IOS is meant to be used with CCA version 2.1 which is no longer available. 

UC500 Software Packs:

Please upgrade the IOS to 15.1(2)T4(Software Pack 8.2) or 15.1(4)M4b(Software Pack 8.6) and then retest the COR functionality.



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UC540 Dial-plan not working

Hi All,

i upgrade the UC500 and reconfigure it from scratch now its working fine .



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