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UC540 Fax to Email Issue

Hey guys,

I just rolled out a UC540 that is supposed to have fax to email but I can't get it to work.  I call the fax DID, I see the number hit the UC540, but the script doesn't answer and process the call.  Below is the config I used for the feature and I think it's right.  In trying to troubleshoot why it's not working, I noticed the debug foip command is not in the IOS like it is for the UC520.  I also noticed that the mmoip dial-peer is trying to call the fax_on_vfc_onramp_app service but if you run the command show call application voice summary, that service does not exist.  It does in the UC520.  Attached are some debugs and show commands.  Has anybody gotten fax to email to work on the the 15.0(1)XA IOS?

fax interface-type fax-mail
mta send server port 25
mta send subject Fax From Cisco Phone System
mta send with-subject both
mta send postmaster
mta send mail-from hostname
mta send mail-from username $s$
mta send return-receipt-to hostname
mta send return-receipt-to username administrator
mta receive aliases
mta receive aliases
mta receive aliases
mta receive maximum-recipients 20
mta receive generate permanent-error
service onramp flash:/tcl/app_faxmail_onramp.

dial-peer voice 1 pots
description FAX to SERVICE
service onramp
incoming called-number 1133
dial-peer voice 2 mmoip
service fax_on_vfc_onramp_app out-bound
destination-pattern 1133
information-type fax
session target
dial-peer voice 1000 pots
description ** Incoming call from PRI **
incoming called-number .

ASNE-UC540#dir flash:/tcl
Directory of flash:/tcl/

  202  -rw-       12262  Feb 25 2010 13:32:44 -05:00  app_faxmail_onramp.



New Member

Re: UC540 Fax to Email Issue

Your configuration looks fine, including the dial peer. This is very strange. Can you please open a TAC case?



New Member

Re: UC540 Fax to Email Issue

I opened up a case and we got it figured out.  We moved the tcl script out of the tcl directory and on to the root and flash and rebooted.  That seemed to do the trick.

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Re: UC540 Fax to Email Issue

YOu have to make sure you reboot the UC500 after the following command

"fax interface-type fax-mail"

If you dont it will never work.  I have type that command and not rebooted like 4 times and spent hours trying to figure out faxing only to remember to reboot and it worked.  Sometimes removing and reapplying the command and rebooting helps as well.

John Nikolatos

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