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UC540 remote management options?

Is it possible to use CCA (or anything else besides command-line) to remotely manage a UC540?

Also, what is the risk of using a UC540 on a public IP address, with firewall disabled, with a strong password?

For extra credit, when I enable the firewall, my SIP trunk (Callcentric) stops working.  Is there a way to get the firewall and the SIP trunk working simultaneously?

New Member

Re: UC540 remote management options?

1. You can setup the IPSEC VPN and use the Cisco VPN client to connect to the UC540. CCA can then be used... but be sure not to make changes to the WAN or VPN while connected that way.

2. You should definitely have the firewall enabled. Not having it on opens you to brute force password attacks, toll fraud, and other issues.

3. Your access-lists probably need to be adjusted to accomodate your SIP provider. Could you provide your WAN access-list and the IP of your SIP provider? (A copy of your running config with passwords stripped would work fine too)


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