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UC540 remote SPA525G2 Network Setup

Can someone explain how to set up the following:

I have a UC540 on (Data VLAN) the router for the site is and hence the default gateway for the PC's etc.

I am trying to set up a remote SPA525G2 to connect via SSL, is this possible on a flat network or do i have to connect the internet router to the WAN port of the UC540 say on and make the UC 540 WAN port

When configuring the VPN server on the UC540 it needs the WAN port to be addressed but won't allow the WAN port to have an address on the same subnet as the LAN.

My plan was to leave the adsl router as the DHCP server and default gateway for the Data VLAN and forward port 443 to the UC540 to allow the SSL VPN to connect but i am guessing this won't work?

Thanks in advance

Cisco Employee

UC540 remote SPA525G2 Network Setup

Hi Mike,

If you want to keep your configuration CCA compliant it will be easier to connect the router to the wan port of UC540 to the router and even make UC540 dmz or forward port 443 and 5060, sip alg or port range 16384 to 32000 to the UC. This should work.

Otherwise you can do it via cli just make the SSL config and put the portal ip address to your data vlan and forward port 443 to the UC540 data vlan or another loopback interface you have setup in the webvpn settings.



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