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I have attach my configuration for a UC 540 . I have somes questions:

questions 1: With the UC 540W-FXO-K9 it is s include 8 users licences for UC and intergrating messaging , regarding the UC does i'm ok with the ipphone cp-7931=?
questions 2: the 8 user for integrated messaging is that the same that users of voice mail with unity connection ?

question 3: the customer wants 2 wifi phones cp-7925 are they support with UC 540?

questions 4:if the customer have a internet router can we plug that router in the UC and use the wifi to deploy the internet or the wifi is only for voice?
questions 5: can i add a ws-c2960 Poe switch in the UC 540 to adds Poe ports ?
questions 6: does the UC 540 have a D.A.A for the calls distributions ? or IPCCX ?


Re: UC540

1.  7931 is supported

2.  8 users with 8 mailboxes included.

3. 7925 is supported on the UC540

4.  WIFI on the UC540 can be used for voice and data.  Only one SSID can be broadcast at one time.

5.  You can use the 2960 POE switch, or you can use the Small Business series ESW switches.  If you use ESW, you can configure the switches and UC560 all in CCA.

6.  The UC540 has Hunt groups, Blast Groups, Auto Attendant, and Basic ACD.  You cannot link a IPCC express to the UC540.


Adam Compton

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