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UC540W: Calls returning to operator


My customer is a primary school with an extension shared between two classes, they don't want the teachers to have voicemail and when the receptionist transfers a call to a class she wants the call to return to her.

I have configured the extensions to have no VM box and have set the CFNA to have the reception's extension. This seems to work ok when making an internal call but rings endlessly on the extension when the call is transferred from an external FXO line.

Any ideas?


UC540W: Calls returning to operator

Hmmmm....I'm not sure why that doesnt work.... but I have successfully configured incoming FXO to a Blast group, which is forwarded to an extension on CFNA, just as you describe.

Only diff is the two class phones will each have their own extension, but be members of the parallel hunt group (blast Group) with its CFNA back to the Operator.  So to alert them, the blast group pilot is dialed instead of the shared extension.

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UC540W: Calls returning to operator

Never mind - misconfiguration on the one extension I happened to be testing with....

UC540W: Calls returning to operator

No problem.  Hope you liked the optional idea of the blast group.

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