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UC560 AA Override

I am looking for a way that a user can input a code on the phone to override the AA schedule and put the AA into after hours mode.  Is there a way to do this?

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UC560 AA Override

Hello Benjamin,

I do not know of a way to override the AA schedule, but you can override the "night service" schedule.  What you could do is use a "floating extension" with night service on that extension.  Then use 2 AA's, one for day, one for night.  Incoming calls hit the floating extension, and forward to day AA or night AA depending on the schedule, and then you would be able to enter an override/force night code to override the night service schedule when needed.

Thank you,


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UC560 AA Override

Hi Benjamin,

What you are after is administration via Prompts, not an option on the UC as it does not have a dedicated dial-in like some other vedors do and as such the UC would then be exposed to fraudulent activity if the system was not setup right and in most cases that would probably be the case.

You could of course install Cisco EzyVPN client on some peoples machines and get them to VPN into the system and use Office manager to do the override, but this is probably (Certainly) not what you want, but it is an alternative though

Or one way that may work is have a hidden prompt that is not announced which is pointing to a dummy extension, which is part of the night service group, and has a Call-Forward-All to turning the night-service mode on and off... I wonder if that would work??? I just thought of that then, but I have no system to try this one, but hey in theory it could work... But many of my theories have failed in the past, some quite badly LOL



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