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UC560 call transfer issue thru multi-site vpn


We have five main offices using UC560s connected thru multi-site vpn and are having issues with call transfers.  For example, when one office calls the receptionist at the corporate office and asks to be transferred to CEO, the receptionist initiates a consulative call transfer, then when the receptionist presses the transfer button again, the first line of the CEO's phone gets put on hold and his second line rings which is the transferred call.  The CEO, then will switch to line 1 and hang up that line and go back to the second line to converse with the transferred call.

But, when one of the satellite offices (which are outside of the multi-site vpn) calls, the call transfers work normal.

Cisco support had us change the multi site config to use supplementary-service h450.2 and h450.3, no h450.12, to make the multi-site call forwarding function correctly.

Not sure if those settings are affecting the call transfers, but has anyone else had similar issues?

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