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UC560 - CUE can not reach internet

Hello all, new here, but not new to using Cisco equipment.  I am however new to the phone side of Cisco.


I'm currently working on an issue with my CUE traffic not routing out to the internet, however I'm feeling rather stumped at the moment and was hoping to get some insight from the community.


As a bit of background - on my UC560 the CUE IP is not the default, I had to change it due to an IP conflict (that was a painful process).  If I have a terminal open to the UC560, I can ping the CUE, and ping out to the internet.  If I open the session to the CUE, I am able to ping the UC560, however unable to ping an internet IP (i.e.


Here are the results of a sh ip route:

S* [1/0] via is variably subnetted, 7 subnets, 3 masks
C is directly connected, Vlan1
L is directly connected, Vlan1
C is directly connected, Vlan100
L is directly connected, Vlan100
C is directly connected, Vlan90
S is directly connected, Vlan90
L is directly connected, Vlan90


I will be happy to share more configuration items as requested.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


As an additional note, I would need the Vlan90 (CUE) traffic routed (Or maybe NAT'd) through the UC560, as I can not make any changes to the current router.


Thank you in advance!

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Does the internet facing

Does the internet facing router have the network setup for NAT?  Where in the network can you ping? Can you ping the inside interface of the Internet facing router?  Can you ping the outside interface?

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The existing LAN is on the 10

The existing LAN is on the Network.  When I session into the CUE, I can ping (The LAN IP of the UC560), but I can not ping (LAN Router - which I can not adjust routes) or any other LAN hosts.

Is there a way I can setup a route for the through the LAN interface ( of the UC560?  Or a way to NAT the traffic behind that interface?

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By typing my question I found

By typing my question I found the answer for myself.  I NAT'd the CUE behind Vlan1 and it is now working as a charm.  Putting this up for anyone else who comes across the same issue.

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Hi Roland, Could you please

Hi Roland,


Could you please share your router's network configuration.




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