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UC560 Directory Questions

I have a customer that is moving from an older CCM v4.1 system to a new UC560.  Currently, they have a pretty extensive corporate directory (more than 500 contacts).  I realize that the UC560 doesn't integrate with AD, so the directory will essentially have to be built/imported from scratch. 

What would be the most efficient way to get these contacts moved?

What is the limit on number of contacts?

Is there a way to reference an external directory, the way you can in CUCM?  If so, might it be possible to leave the old CCM server in place and use that as an external reference?

Any suggestions would be welcome.  Thanks!

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UC560 Directory Questions

Hi Rick,

I don't know how to tell you this but what you want to do cannot be done

The UC-560 (500 series in general) only supports up too 100 corporate directory numbers, I don't know why this is, maybe the system doesn't have enough GoGo juice to do a lookup on a massive table, but unless it has changed recently 100 numbers is it.

I would however wait to see if a Cisco REP will respond, maybe something has changed or is in the pipelines that I am not aware of, or there is another way to do it that I am not aware of as well.



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Re: UC560 Directory Questions

the quick solution for this, in my opinion, is callconnector and msft exchange. Use exchange to manage the contacts and callconnector to dial from outlook.

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