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uc560 extension mobility licensing

Heydi hi,

I've seen the thread in reguards to the max DN's available depending on the amount of user licenses available. I'm assuming it works the same for the UC540 and UC560. I would like to know what they are for a 40 user licensed box. Or is it 600 at all times reguardless of licensing with these 2?




Re: uc560 extension mobility licensing

Evening Stephanie and Happy Memorial Day Weekend,

Are you referring to this thread?

Remember the UC540 supports up to 32 users in multiples of 8

the UC560 starts at 16 and goes to 104 users in multiples of 8.

On this Partner Page, about half way down, you will see the Platform Reference Guide for each platform.

There is alot of platform specific data in there in terms of the numbers of things you can have as well.

Finally look at the tables starting on page 7 (and the text prior) to see what entities use EPHONE-DNs on the system

Hope this helps?


New Member

Re: uc560 extension mobility licensing


Thanks for your reply, and happy holiday to you as well. Yes that was the thread I was referring to. I did look at those documents you referenced before I asked and 40 user usage is not on the list, because yes it is referencing the 520 models. ... and I bothered TAC about my question as well. I'm getting the impression that due to the uc540 and 560 not being supported outside of CCA that the question I have is being deemed irrelivant. I'm working on extension mobility users though. This feature is not supported within CCA at this time. .. and apparently not by cisco within these platforms? I'm going to leave it alone then. Although I hope that in the near future Cisco will be able to figure a way to support the 540 and 560 with extension mobility?

When I take a look at the math and assuming that it still works the same with the 540 and 560 the number would be 192?

Thanks anyway,


Re: uc560 extension mobility licensing

Extension Mobility is in the next CCA release.

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