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uc560 fxo port not answering incoming calls


My customer is facing problem for incoming calls in uc560 fxo port.They have 12 PSTN lines which is connected to UC system.System is configured with Auto-Attendant also. almost all days they are facing this major issue of incoming call is not getting answered by UC560 and caller can hear the line is ringing.While the time of this problem I can see some of the FXO port status LED is UP and not disconnecting even if no one is on call also.Once remove the cable from the FXO port and connect it back the problem will solve for time being.What will be the reason for this issue of line getting  held.Is there any configuration needs to change in FXO module? Below is the configuration I done on all 12 FXO ports. Please check and

suggest me a solution.fxo configuration.jpg

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uc560 fxo port not answering incoming calls

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uc560 fxo port not answering incoming calls

HI Paolo,

Thank you provoding the proper documentation .

On the system side I made the change by keeping companding type from a-law to u-law and enabled battery reverse.This  setting works fine for last three days and now again the customer is facing the same problem of FXO port get held and incoming calls are just ringing and system is not answering  even.

How to get proper solution for this issue????

Please help me............



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Re: uc560 fxo port not answering incoming calls

Ad indicated in the document, you need to configure proper disconnect tones for your country / telco.

If you search this forum, or "IP telephony", there are many threads about it.

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