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UC560 in HQ and 1861 in remotes - possible?

I came across this at a new customer due to a previous partner going out of business before finishing the job.  The question I have is around this existing design...  The customer has a total of no more than 40 users across 5 US offices.  The previous partner had proposed and implemented a design where there's a UC560 at the HQ site, and 1861s with SRST at the 4 remote offices. 

Is this a valid design?  I always that that SRST isn't supported in a CME deployment (which is what the UC560 essentially is if I understand it correctly). 

Thanks in advance!

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UC560 in HQ and 1861 in remotes - possible?

Hi Tony,

This is not a supported method by SBS or by CCA, but it is not to say it wont work, you will need to be express certified if I am not mistaken so you can get TAC assistance, and the system would need CLI workings to get it to work to some degree, there might be a way to get it to work via CCA, but not so confident on that.

SRST to mode may have to be dropped, and the other way to do it is to use the VPN tunnel for those phones to communicate back to the UC-560 and hard code the the TFTP information into the phones, this would allow them to register and operate as if they were local, but the survivable part would not function.

Ideally a solution like this should have been sold using 540's at those remote sites which would have only been a little more expensive than the 1861 if done right.

Would the hard coding the phones part work for you? Would this be enough or is the SRST part an absolute requirement and a must?



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