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UC560 MeetMe Conference Room Admin

I have been advised to configure my CISCO 7937g phones as admin's to my MeetMe conference lines. I was told that this will allow participants to call the 7937g number to join the conference once the 7937g has initiated the MeetMe conference.

Here is what I am trying to configure:

  • 7937g on internal extension 9202
  • 7937g on internal extension 9220
  • 7937g on internal extension 9221
  • 7937g on internal extension 9222
  • MeetMe conference line on extension 9230 with admin set to 9202
  • MeetMe conference line on extension 9231 with admin set to 9220
  • MeetMe conference line on extension 9232 with admin set to 9221
  • MeetMe conference line on extension 9233 with admin set to 9222
  • MeetMe conference line on extension 9240, preferably unlocked so external users can initiate a conference on this line

However, I can't seem to find anything in CCA that allows me to configure the admin's to the MeetMe conference line. Is this possible in CCA?

Also, is it possible to configure the access privileges to the MeetMe conference lines individually? If possible, I would like each 7937g to be an admin of its own MeetMe conference line and then have one or more "open" MeetMe conference lines for general use.

I am using the latest version of the software on the UC560 and the latest version of the firmware on the phones.

I am also open to other suggestions on how to configure these conference phones. I basically want conference participants to call the physical 7937g conference phone to join the conference as specified in this discussion thread:

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UC560 MeetMe Conference Room Admin

Hello Shawn,

Please check this from CCA 3.2 admin guide:

You can configure both MeetMe and AdHoc conferencing.

- An AdHoc conference is a type of conference in which one party calls

another and either party decides to add another party to the call.

- A MeetMe conference is one in which the parties dial a predetermined

MeetMe conference number.

The conference creator goes off-hook, presses the MeetMe softkey on

their phone, hears a confirmation tone, then dials the MeetMe number.

After the conference is initiated, other parties can join the MeetMe

conference by dialing the MeetMe number.

When you configure MeetMe conferencing, all phone users have

permission to initiate MeetMe conferences. The MeetMe conference

creator can press the ConfList softkey to list all participants. The creator

can also press the RmLstC softkey to remove the last joined caller, and

remove a party from a conference.

MeetMe conferencing softkeys are configured, and automatically

applied to the phones, when multiparty conferencing is enabled and

MeetMe extensions are set up.

- An Unlocked MeetMe conference allows the user to unlock the MeetMe

conference bridge. The MeetMe conference bridge allows unrestricted

and uncontrolled access for external callers.This feature is only

supported for MeetMe conference.

When a user unlocks the MeetMe conference bridge in Cisco Unified

CME, the user can initiate a MeetMe conference without pressing the

MeetMe soft key on the phone, this allows external callers to initiate a

MeetMe conference.

You can find more info on this in the CCA 3.2 Admin Guide p.395.

Best regards,


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