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UC560 Multiple AA set up Questions

Hello Community.

I have a customer using a UC560, 16 local phones, 2 remote.

Their AA currently routes callers to Hunt Groups for sales, purchasing, etc... via "press 1 for sales"...

They would like to do this: (Names have been cahnges to protect the innocent)

Main Auto Attendant:

“….Hello and thank you for calling XYZ Industries  -  your source for blah blah blah services…..” 

Press 1 for SALES, then system lists people and extension on sales group list:

  • Mary Vano – 100
  • Bo Pak – 116
  • Jay Oen -  105
  • Jeff Mell – 106
  • Kathy Pal – 112
  • Press “0” – Hunt Group-Sales (sequential)

Press 2 for CUSTOMER SERVICE, then system lists people in customer service and extension on group list

  • Press "0" - Hunt Group (same as Sales above)

Press 3 for PURCHASING then lists people and extension:

  • Sam Dotey – 103
  • Jeff Mell – 106
  • Jan Sota – 107
  • Press “0” goes to Extension 107

Press 4 for ACCOUNTING, then people and extensions:

§         John Buck – 115

§         Press “0” goes to Extension 115

Press 5 for LOGISTICS, then people and extensions:

§         Cape – 110

§         Tamm State – 109

§         Press “0” goes to Extension 109

Call is routed from the top of appropriate list extensions.  If the caller hits zero at any time during the call they should go to first open line on the department group list and then to any open line.  None sales and service related calls should go to VM after two unsuccessful transfers.  The Sales and Customer Service Line must always be picked up during business hours. 

The AA in the UC560 is only capable of using 3 AA's.  They'd like 5 instances of the caller to be able to "Press 0" to do separate things. 

My question, will this be possible, or will I have to use other "press" options such as # or * ?

Thank you in advance for your comments. Paul

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Re: UC560 Multiple AA set up Questions


Trying to understand.

We can do this with hunt groups and menu actions of one AA today, but not reciting names and extensions.

So unless you have a custom script built (if it can be built), this is not possible even with AA nesting, where we can support three levels deep, so pressing 1 for Sales can route to a nested AA serving Sales greets with verbal extension lists and menu options, and that one can go deeper (one more).

But I am thinking of the OM 1.2 capability to make voicemail menu actions come to life...(actually only user voicemail boxes but we have CUE GUI for GDMs if necessary)

So one AA with 1 for Sales, 2 for CS, 3 for Purchasing, etc.  Each one is a hunt group that commences ringing in the hunt scheme you select.  Then to voice mail where we have a custom greeting for each department with menu actions aligned to the spoken word including to zero out or try the extension of any (up to 11 extensions).

Is this what your looking for?


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