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UC560 - Night Service Mode questions

Alright so I am confused.

I have a UC560 with 6 FXO ports. All set to goto a Blast Group 5012 in the Incoming Dialplan.

The blast Group rings for 12 seconds then transfers to AA 3098.

My challenge is this, there are times when the members of 5012 are all away from thier desks and they want the users in 5013 another call blast group to answer the phones.

I had thought that I could do this using the night mode but its not working for me.

I have setup the members of the 5012 with 2 lines per phone. Line 1 is thier primary extension. Line 2 is thier Reception Extension. all the Line 2's have the smae Ring and the Line 1's all have different rings. that way they know if its for an individual staff member or if its an incoming call.

Whats the best way to have the extended reception group when they want it and at most times not have the extended group bothered by the ringing. The phones every few minutes..

Comments or suggestions are appreciated.

I know that in the 3Com V3000 world I can specify a different system mode and send the incoming calls to the other call group when in the other mode. The CCA doesn't allow this functionality, I think it could be done with the CLI but I an not an expert (yet)

Thanks in advance.  

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Re: UC560 - Night Service Mode questions

NS Activation code will work, if you avoide the conflict with FAC codes.

based on the output of the CLI COmmand "show telephony-service fac' the only NS codes that will not conflict with other fac must start with *2, *7, *8, or *9.

On to your question....

How about forward Blast --> Blast --> AA????


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