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UC560 - SPA525G - DND not working


I have a problem with a UC560 and SPA525G handsets. When the the DND softkey is pressed it is not showing up on the screen as activated. It also fails to show on other users phones that are watching the phone via the primary number.

To complicate things some of the phones work correctly whereas others don't.

All phones are running firmware 7-4-6.

I was going to attempt to fix this by just upgrading the firmware to say version 7-4-7 or 8. I appreciate that I have got to extract the phone loads from a UC560 package but will I (via CCA 3.1.1) be able to apply these later firmwares and leave the UC560 on the current version?



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UC560 - SPA525G - DND not working

Hi Scott,

That firmware is quite old and it is highly recommended that you upgrade to the latest one listed on their support download site.

To do the upgrade please look at doing it through CCA  (3.1.1) to ensure smooth upgrade process, however please note that if you are running Vista or Win7 you will need to turn of UAC in order to use the drag-n-drop method.

Firstly extract the contents of the zip file (SPA-500 series only) and in the topology window drag the .bin file onto the UC, this should begin the TFTP file transfer process for you.

However what you need to look out for

  • Make sure your firewall does not interfere with the transfer process, if it is a windows based firewall make sure CCA has all the exceptions in place
  • Make sure your Antivirus does not interfere as well, if need be turn it off or disable it until the transfer is completed
  • Try and be connected directly to the UC if you cannot achieve this then at least make sure the PC you are on has a path to the relevant subnets (CUE and Voice VLAN's) if the PC does not have a direct path the transfer process will fail

If you cannot do the phone load upgrade straight away, then you should look at factory resetting the phone through the phones menu system and see if that restores the DND functionality for you.

Hope this information helps you out Scott



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UC560 - SPA525G - DND not working

Thanks for the response David. I am surprised at your comment though regarding the age of the firmware. The phone load 7-4-6 is part of the UC560-8-1-0 tar which has only just been superceded by 8.2.

I am currently downloading 8.2 for the UC560 to extract the phone load.

Also not sure what you mean by the SPA-500 series zip. In the UC560-8-1-0 zip file there is three directories - 50x-30x, 521_524, and 525. I am using the contents of the 525 folder which contains the file spa525g-7-4-6.bin.

Hopefully CCA 3.1.1 will allow me to apply the firmware from the 8.2 zip to a device which is effectively running 8.1.0.

Still curious as to whether anyone else has seen the problem of DND not showing up on the screen, indicating that it is active.



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