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Unable to do factory reset

We have exchanged a UC500 with a CUCM, and now we trying to sell the UC500.

I wish to do a factory reset of the system, and have reset the CUE. But the CME is a problem.

the default file uc520-8u-2bri-k9..... is not present on the flash. The original supplier have appearently deleted this file.

I have tried to do a factory reset from CCA2.0 but this states that system(UC500) doesn't meet minimum requirement.

Any idea? perhaps some one has a factory file for this system?

Martin Abildgaard

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Re: Unable to do factory reset

Found the file in the complete upgrade pack from cisco.

Re: Unable to do factory reset

The default configuration file is what you found, correct?   Did you tftp it manually to the system flash:?

If you did, perhaps that would make CCA happy, but if you want to manually reset UC520 (CUE and IOS/CME), you may do it with default to default configuration by using the following commands:

1) CUE: Session to the CUE and restore factory defaults.   If you never configured voice mail before, this may not be required, but if you did, you must do this or old data will not be cleaned up and will cause weird behavior from AA trying to reach users by names and when trying to log into a phones voice mail box, you will not have the correct user ID and PW. This will give you a clean system. no users and no voicemail

UC520# service-module integrated-Service-Engine 0/0 session

This will take your into CUE system where you can issue the following commands:

UC500-CUE> offline

!!!WARNING!!!: If you are going offline to do a backup, it is recommended that you save the current running configuration using the 'write' command, prior to going to the offline state.

Putting the system offline will terminate all end user sessions.

Are you sure you want to go offline[n]? : y

UC500-CUE(offline)> restore factory default

!!!WARNING!!!: This operation will cause all configuration and data

on the system to be erased. This operation is not reversible.

Do you wish to continue[n]? : y

Restoring the system. Please wait .....done

System will be restored to factory default when it reloads.

Press any key to reload:

2) IOS/CME:  copy the default configuration file to the startup-config and then reload the router.

copy flash:< example UC520W-16U-4FXO-K9-factory-x.x.x.cfg startup-config


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