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Update firmware on Linux

Is there a way of updating our SPA502G and SPA508G phones on Linux? The .bin file that I downloaded wouldn't execute and the Windows installer didn't work on Virtual Box- the ip address of the compter being incorrect I think.

Ubuntu 12.04.

Phones currently on 7.4 wanting to go to 7.5

Many Thanks

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Re: Update firmware on Linux


There are a couple of different options for this:

Option 1

Use your phone system.  Your phone system should have the configuration file for each of the phones you want to upgrade.  Simply drop in the firmware upgrade file and change this line on the configuration file to the firmware you need:

Firmware Upgrade

("$SWVER" ne "7.4.8")? http://YOURSYSTEMIPORDOMAIN/spa50x-30x-7-4-8.bin

Option 2

You can put a TFTP server on your Ubuntu system.  Place the firmware file and raw flat file on the server and point your phone to the IP of your TFTP server.  This can be accomplished by using DHCP option 160 or manually configuring it in the network settings of your phone.

If you have any further questions or need clarification, let me know. 

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Update firmware on Linux

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