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Updated configuration guide for Cbeyond SIPconnect

I am looking for an updated guide for configuring a Cbeyond SIP Trunk (SIPconnect) for a UC540.  I've seen two old configuration guides.  Both of the old guides refer to the UC520.  One is from 2008 and references CCA 1.8.  The other is from 2009 and references CCA 1.9.  I will soon be connecting a UC540 to a Cbeyond SIP trunk.  Currently, this customer is on an analog T1 with the UC540, and the last time I configured it I used CCA 2.1.1.  I'll probably upgrade to the latest CCA when I switch over to the Cbeyond SIP trunk. 

I wanted to see if there were any current documentation out there on how to configure the UC540 for a Cbeyond SIPconnect, and one that references a more current version of CCA than 1.8 or 1.9.  I checked with Cbeyond and they only have the old guide from 2009 for the UC520 and CCA 1.9.


Adam V.

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Updated configuration guide for Cbeyond SIPconnect

Hi Adam,

If you use CCA 3.1.1 you should have any problems with configuration a SIP trunk.. Please consider the following.

  • Make sure you do a backup of the configuration before using CCA 3.1.1 especially if it had been configured with an older CCA system, CCA 3.1.1 might want to make quite a few changes that may break things (Just warning you, it might not happen though)
  • If Cbeyond is not in the templates list then just use the Generic one and obtain all the information from them
  • Make sure you get from Cbeyond all the IP addresses that might be used not just the URI, you will most likely need to add them into the white-list to allow for incoming calls just incase they send them from a different IP address then the one that is resolved to the URI given

I don't believe you will have many issues, but if you do face any, don't hesitate to contact SBCS and get some assistance, and in conjunction with that post on here so you are obtaining help from two different end points.



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