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Upgrading from Linksys One to UC540

Hi, we are working on an upgrade from a Linksys One solution to a Cisco UC540.  The partner will be trading in most of the L1 gear for a credit.  A few questions/concerns we have with the implementation -

We are planning to use the SFE2000P switch from the original L1  as part of the solution to save some costs.  We are also looking to use a 24 port ESW swith as well.  Are there any inherent issues here?

Will CCA recognize the SFE200P?

Any other "gotchya's" that we may be over looking here?

Thanks, Jared

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Re: Upgrading from Linksys One to UC540

Hi Jarad,

CCA doesnt recognize the SFE2xxx/SGE2xxx switches.  No plan to either.  So when you consider the supportability as well (since SFE/SGE are not members of the SBCS product suite), it will be a one off.

Check out this discussion on what you run into when you do this:


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Re: Upgrading from Linksys One to UC540

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your reply.   Just so I'm clear, can you tell me what you mean by " it will be a one off"   thanks again for your help...

Re: Upgrading from Linksys One to UC540

Yeah sure... maybe a 1 off maybe a 10 off, maybe more, ... I mean how many of them (integrated with UC500) will exist in the land and how much CFOM will we have under our belt under all the different scenarious to say they work well (Cummulative Field Operating Months).

Thats all....


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Re: Upgrading from Linksys One to UC540

Hi Steve, I'm trying to avoid any potential issues.  Would you recommend we get rid of the SFE and trade it in and purchase one of the switches made for the UF540?  If I were to keep it would only be one SFE...   This is going to be my first UF500 install.  Want to make it as easy as I can for myself.  we had a lot of issues with the Linksys One, which is why were are upgrading them.  Thanks for your help.. Rick

Re: Upgrading from Linksys One to UC540


I am so happy you asked because yes, while I cant tell you what to do, I can tell you that you will have far less overhead (hence costs) and fast time to deployment and quickly build a repeatable practice if you use what we recommend for SBCS suite.  These ESW switches are the way to go.  Alot of value, extended warranty out of the box, and 3 years support contract, which you dont get any of with the SFE...

Thats my vote,


SE, US Field Channel Sales.

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Re: Upgrading from Linksys One to UC540

Thank you Steve,  I appreciate it.  I want to do this the right way.

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Re: Upgrading from Linksys One to UC540

Hi Steve,

My client would like to be able to pick up an extension right from any of the phones without having to use the Park feature.  They are going to have 18 phones.  5 will be at the front desk where their reception area and all calls come into.  With the Linksys one system they have now they push the intercom and say who the call is for and which park number like 100 or 101 to pick up on.  The doctors do not like this.

They would like to be able to pick up an extension directly from the phones.  So the front desk would Say Dr. Berman pick up extension 112.  He would look down at his phone and the button for 112 would be lit up and he presses the button and picks up.  Does this mean they will need to have a phone with 18 buttons capable of having 18 different extensions?

Also the Group Paging feature.  will this work whereby you can pick up from any phone hit a button and speak and all 18 phones will hear your voice at the same time via there speaker? or will the person on the other end of the phones need to pick up the phone to hear via the hand set?

Thank you,


Re: Upgrading from Linksys One to UC540

Ingress calls on specific DIDs can be mapped to individual extensions, AA which then routes the calls, even Remote access to voice mail.

CCA offers configuration up to 8 call pickup groups (you define the members).  Each phone can do group call pickup for any ringing phone in their group.  Extensions are allowed membership in one group only.

To configure Call Pickup Groups, choose Configure > Telephony > Phone Groups > Call Pickup Groups from the feature bar.

Create pickup groups to configure a group of user extensions that can retrieve calls ringing on extensions belonging to members of the same pickup group by pressing the GPickUp softkey on the IP phone.  Thats it.  So you dont necessarily have to know which extension is ringing since you dont have to dial it.Any Group member will pick up ringing calls in their group this way.

(There is also a Directed call pickup softkey on the IP Phone, where you touch a softkey on the phone and dial the ringing extension (works on any phone in the PBX).

We do have Monitor and Watch buttons you can add to phones and we do offer a side car (both for the traditional IP Phones and the SPA500 series coming out in the next release that can give you lots of buttons to play with if you want that monitoring (BLF).

Paging Groups: You got it!  CCA allows you to configure 4 of these (again unique).  In this case, it Hits the speaker phone of all members and you just start talking.  You dont hear them, but they hear you.

One clarifiction....the Dr. having more than one extension on his phone sounds like a key system.  Perhaps we can do this a better way wit PBX mode....

Re: Upgrading from Linksys One to UC540

As an alternative, you could have the doctors with monitors to the Park DN's.

The call, could come in, the operator parks the call.  The operator says which park the call is on.  The doctor looks down and see red on the park slot that is in use.  You could then press the monitor button, which also acts as a speed dial and pick up the call.

It won't be the exact ext that was called in on, but having 3 or 4 parks slots wouldn't be too much for a 796X phone.

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Re: Upgrading from Linksys One to UC540

Thanks for the reply.  What about for the SPA509 or 508G phones? Can they also do the park option with the buttons?

They had another question.  With the Linksys One, if someone called their office and punched in an extension it would ring at that extension and that was the only option for the caller.  They could not transfer themselves back to the operator, if no one answered or if they did not want to leave a voicemail.  They also did not have the option to transfer to another extension if needed, like I’ve seen other phone system do.  How does the UC500 handle this?

Re: Upgrading from Linksys One to UC540

Phone buttons:

Small Business IP  Phone



32 Button Attendant  Console for Cisco SPA500 Family Phones


8 Line IP Phone  With PoE and PC Port


1 Line IP Phone  With Display, POE, PC Port


4 Line IP Phone  With Display, POE, and PC Port


8 Line IP Phone  With Display, POE, and PC Port


12 Line IP Phone  With Display, POE, and PC Port


5 Line IP Phone  with Color Display, POE, 802.11g

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