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User name change UC560/SPA508G

We lost the guy who was managing our Cisco products and I am trying to fill the gap for now. Several users in the organization have had name changes due to marraige and they have asked that I update the phone system so their proper name is displayed on the phone. I have admin access to the Cisco Configuration Assistant v2.2 and I have tried to change the username their with no luck. Under Configure > Telephony > Voice > User Extension tab. I have changed the last name there as well as User ID and Description. Apply > Save Config > Reboot device, it still comes up with the old name. I have also logged in with admin account to the UCE web portal. Under Configure > Users, I have changed the Last Name Nick Name and Display Name for the user there Apply > Reboot Phone and phone still boots up with old name. What else can I try? I would think a user name change would be a fairly common occurence and it shouldn't be too difficult but maybe I am being a bit optimistic.

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User name change UC560/SPA508G

Hi Mike,

Firstly I would encourage you to do the following:

* Upgrade your CCA to version 3.2 or what ever the latest revision is

* Upgrade the System to the latest Software pack to ensure that CCA can make adequate changes based on the iOS revisions and what its programming code is designed to work with

Also, I have found in the past it is much easier to just delete the user and reassign a new one to its respective extension, yes it is a longer process than just changes a name and the password, but it is also much more cleaner and removes any residual information from the previous extension owner.


David Trad.

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