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Using 7925G with UC 560

                   I am trying to use 7925G wireless handsets with a UC560. I have a CT2504 controlling the WAP.

VLAN 1 is 192.168.10.x/24,

VLAN 90 is,

VLAN100 (voice) is 10.1.1.x/24.

Switch ports have smartports set for AP, or phone+desktop as applicable.

If the 7925G are set to the 192.168.10.x network, they function as expected, including loading CME configuration, but a message from a server on the network cannat connect to the handset. If the 7925G are set to 10.1.1.x, they cannot locate the CME.

We need static addressing on the handsets to allow for integration with a nursecall system, which we hope will display messages directly onto the 7925G handsets.

What settings do I neeed on the UC, CT2504, WAP and habdsets to allow the 7925G to communicate with the CME?

Community Member

Using 7925G with UC 560

I am not using the CT2504 so not sure if this will really help.

When we setup our 7925's I had to create a separate SSID for the phones only, on VLAN 100 on the Wireless AP.  Once I did that things started working as they were supposed to.  They would not work if I connected them to the data SSID. 

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