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Voicemail to email intergration

Anyone have or know where I can get the system requirements or email systems supported for the voicemail to email intergration? 

I was wondering what email systems this works with.  for example verisons of exchange.  

I heard that you can't use a gmail account to at least forward voice messages to your inbox.  Is this true as well if so all POP or public email systems are out of the question (at least forward a message)?

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Re: Voicemail to email intergration

Hi There,

The CUE module uses two methods of sending out notifications:

  1. SMTP Push, meaning you can use any SMTP server so long as relay is supported or you are authorized to use it, I have seen this work with Gmail and other cloud based e-mail system, although not sure how they set it up but it was possible and they still use it. NOTE: Have not found a version of Exchange that is not supported yet, and Qmail also works well too

  2. IMAP Pull, meaning you can use any client that supports IMAP and you can extract the voicemail from the CUE, reading it in the e-mail client will also turn off the MWI, Deleting it will remove it of the CUE host as well

SMTP is usually the most popular as you can do some funky stuff with sending voicemail to multiple inboxes, and also sending it to mobile devices if the mobile device is not good at supporting IMAP (Windows Mobile 7 comes to mind).

In an office environment IMAP is generally the flavor that is used.

You can use CCA to set the SMTP server and try out Gmail, just make sure you have this ability setup at the Gmail end and you setup a VM specific e-mail account so it is using an authorized account to send the e-mail.

Hope this helps.



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Voicemail to email intergration

It's basically setup to work via IMAP interally with CUE's private IP Address ( So, clients inside the local network can setup their email client to pull voicemail from the UC500 via IMAP.

Here's a link to a lab explaining how to configure this:

More labs can be found here:

It's a bit out of date in some sections but primarily the same. It's fairly strait forward; just enable IMAP integration in CCA, and configure your email client accordingly.

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Voicemail to email intergration

Regarding Voicemail to Gmail:

This can be done with an SSL relay service running on your computer. I'm sure there are several out there, but I'll use a free one called 'Stunnel' for this example. Once in place, configure 'Integrated Messaging' via IMAP to your Outlook client, (as supported) but with the outgoing mail server pointed to your local loop-back of Stunnel then relay's messages to Gmail via Google's recommended ports and settings as seen in my stunnel config below:

Stunnel Config: (

cert = stunnel.pem

socket = l:TCP_NODELAY=1

socket = r:TCP_NODELAY=1

client = yes


accept  = 110


accept  = 143


accept  = 25

Outlook Mail Settings:

No CLI or CUE configurations necessary.

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Voicemail to email intergration

Thank you!  I will give it a shot. 

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