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Volume of attached .wav files

I have e-mail notification of voicemails setup on my UC520 and have everything set so that the vm message gets attached to the e-mail as a .wav file.  However, the volume is very low, such that I can only make out what is said if I crank the volume all the way up on a computer.  I can't make out anything when I try to listen to them on a smartphone.  Is there a way to adjust the volume that the .wav files are recorded at?

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Re: Volume of attached .wav files

The only way to do this is by actually increasing the volume at which messages are recorded. You could try to adjust the input gain of your voice ports, if using FXO. See this document:

Let us know if this helps,


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Re: Volume of attached .wav files

Hi There,

On top of what Marcos has said, i would strongly encourage you to look at doing only incremental updates. Depending on your carrier the smallest movement in the gain can have a pretty big increase, to the point where the voice becomes overly loud and at times distorted.

I would suggest that you look at doing a few tests first before you go commercial with it.



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