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VPN Problem?


I have problem with cisco UC 540's ssl vpn. I set up ssl vpn via VPN wizard and send one spa525g to another city. The vpn connects and we can speak up to 1.30 min. and the other side cannot hear me again. But I can hear the other side's voice well. What could be the problem? Thanks.

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Re: VPN Problem?

Hi mcbereket

Jut a guess, but it sounds like there could be a routing issue (Maybe firewall?)...

* What is in front of the UC-540 I.E what is the xDSL router

* What is the VPN configuration on the UC-540? Can you provide an extract of the VPN config??

* What is at the far end before the SPA525? Is there are router there with an inbuilt firewall and if so have you made sure it is configured to support what you are trying to achieve?

It is best to try and provide as much information, and if you have a network diagram (Jpeg format) this can also help out a fair bit if you attach it to your next reply.



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