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Watch buttons on CIPC

I am not sure if a) watch mode works with softphones  and b) if watch mode (or any mode for that matter) can disable the visual of the voicemails.  Whenever someone’s VM (little yellow envelope) is flashing, which seems to be most people most of the time, you can no longer see their phone to see if it’s ringing. Is there any way to turn off the notification of their VM, so we can just see their lines?

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Re: Watch buttons on CIPC

I have tested and confirmed that watch and monitor functions both work on the soft phone, so this should not be an issue.  However, your other question brings up a difference between watch and monitor functionality.  A button configured to watch extension 201 will indicate when any phone whose main extension is 201 goes off hook, is in DND mode, or gets voicemail on any of that phone’s extensions.  So if Jason’s main extension is 201 and he makes a call on extension 203, watch will still indicate that his phone is in use.  Watch does not indicate ringing though.  Monitoring 201 will only tell you when that particular extension is in use, but will indicate phone ringing.  Both methods will display the envelope though, and there is no way to turn that off without turning off MWI for that extension in general…meaning that the owner of that extension will also not know when they have voicemail. 
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