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Watch mode buttons after phone replacements

Is there a way to reset the watching ability of system?   Since new phones were installed and the old phones are now disconnected and deleted, it seems most of the phones that were watching the old phones are still watching the old phones, so the lights on the phone for those extensions are left on even though the new phone is on-hook.


Re: Watch mode buttons after phone replacements

Try removing the watch button and adding it back to the system.  The watch button is actually looking for a phone that has a specific ephone-dn as the first button.  I would think this wouldn't be a problem with CCA 2.1, but I haven't tried it.  Can you post your config?

Community Member

Re: Watch mode buttons after phone replacements

I just reloaded the UC500 and the watch buttons on the phones went back to normal.  Just unfortunate to have to reload the system in order to clear the watching of the old ephones.   Is there a command that will reset the watch mode of all phones?

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