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What happen to some of the management utilities in CUE 8.0.2 GUI?

Prior to having to upgrade to CUE 8.0.2 to avoid the buggy voice quality issue, we used to train our end user on typical admin task using the CUE GUI

so that the end customer could avoid the well documented problems when trying to use CCA to admin a customized phone system. The old CUE GUI had options to configure phones and extensions. The new CUE GUI is missing those options meaning that the customer either has to use the dreaded CCA or CLI (which they do not have time to learn).

Can someone at Cisco please explain why something like the CUE GUI that actually worked well for clients, was dumbed down so that it is useful for fewer things?

Since I am new to this release, is there any other easy to use tool that won't screw up a cusom configuration? CCA is NOT an option, as it always screws something up once it is run on a production UC- this board is full of people that know and have posted about CCAs screwing something up once re-used on a customized, production system.

So hello eveyone out there- besides having limited ability within CUE GUI for admin tools, what are my other options for training the end customers admin?

Take a basic example on adding a new phone to the system. We used to be able to do that via the CUE GUI, but no longer. Are the only options CLI or CCA?

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Re: What happen to some of the management utilities in CUE 8.0.2

This may explain what you're seeing w/ CUE 8.0.2-

Removal of Support for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express GUI  Functionality

Beginning with Cisco Unity Express 8.0, the Cisco Unity Express GUI no  longer provides functionality for configuring Cisco Unified  Communications Manager Express. Cisco recommends using Cisco  Configuration Professional (CCP) to configure Cisco Unified  Communications Manager Express.

You can try the CME gui-



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Re: What happen to some of the management utilities in CUE 8.0.2


must say we're in the same situation.We also show clients how to use the CUE gui to do admin tasks. The disaster is not that big because only the phone administration has gone. User and extensions can be managed to a certain level and for the rest it's mainly the same with a different interface. The userpages are a big improvement.

CCA is not stable and sometimes quite dangerous to use because it can damage the config.

Office Manager is not ready yet although promising

CLI not an option for clients

Although I really appreciate all the effort the support team puts in helping us on this forum, we're really missing a stable and fool-proof admin/config tool for the UC-platform. Sorry guys today CCA did some things which I only find acceptable in alpha-stage software.

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