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Wierd ESW switch problem with UC and 7965's

New deployment of UC520-48 with 7.04, using CCA 2.2 and ESW 24 port POE switches.

All phones originally registered with system originally. Was build with 7.03 and CCA 2.1.

After upgrade - a bunch of phones stopped working - were either at upgrading or would not register

A phone that would not upgrade or register off the switch would work fine if plugged directly into the UC520

Finally found in the switch logs an entry talking about a locked port  LOCKPORTACTIVE

A computer plugged directly into the switch port would work, but a phone would not and a computer through the phone would not

By going into Security, Traffic Control, Port Security and unlocking the ports - we got everything back up.

It appears that SmartPort Settings configure Port Security on these ports differently as phone ports than they do for switch ports as the switch ports were unlocked.

Not sure what caused this but I don't want to run into this again.


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Re: Wierd ESW switch problem with UC and 7965's

The switchports are configured to all 3 mac addresses.  1 for the computer on the data network, 1 for the phone on the voice network, and 1 for the phone on the data network, the phones shows up on both vlans and requires 2 MAC address.  If you move the phones around, you will have problems.  Hopefully, that makes some sense.  This is for physical port security of the switch.

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Re: Wierd ESW switch problem with UC and 7965's

I fully understand the feature and how it is supposed to work. Thing is from the day we deployed, not a single phone got unplugged, etc... the ports just went dead to the phones. If we took the phones out of the loop, the computers worked fine. This happened close to immediately after upgrading to 7.0.4 and CCA 2.2. As part of these upgrades we also used Smartports in CCA to define 5 ports for Access Points.

Now that I have manually turned off the traffic control, will anything in CCA reconfigure these ports on us? I can't have this breaking for the client as this goes into production.  If I do a save configuration to the devices is that going to cause problems.

Overall this really seems like some sort of bug somewhere.

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Re: Wierd ESW switch problem with UC and 7965's

I know that switchports on UC500 units and ESW switches can be reconfigured outside of CCA. Catalyst Express switchports cannot be configured outside of CCA or CNA.

Example of modifying a UC520 or UC540 switchport in CLI:

interface FastEthernet0/1/0

switchport mode access

switchport access vlan 1

macro apply cisco-phone $access_vlan 1 $voice_vlan 100

ESW smartport settings can be set through the ESW web GUI.

Re: Wierd ESW switch problem with UC and 7965's

Saving the configs should not be a problem.  Can you tell me what software pack you were running when you did the upgrade?  I will forward this along to some test engineers to see if they can recreate the problem.

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