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WIP310 with SPA9000 no sound

Hi ,

i have a problems with wip310 (latest firmware) and SPA9000 (latest firmware) and 4 SPA941 (latest firmware)

the wip310 are connect wi-fi via Apple Airport Extreme Base Station to SPA9000

correctly register

if i call an internal SPA941 the phone ring but if i answer no sound pass but if i hangup and recall the sound are ok

i test reset wip310 and reconfigure, change Apple Airport Extreme Base Station and reconfigure, but the problems are the same.

i attach wip310 config

wip310 are not in the same subnet are connect to SPA9000 via VPN (i have 2 SPA941 in the same subnet oh wip310 work ok) i configure first wip310 in the same subnet of spa9000 them i connect wip310 in other subnet.

best regarde


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Re: WIP310 with SPA9000 no sound


It sounds like a port issue through your vpn tunnel. What equipment/firmware are you using for your tunnel?

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Re: WIP310 with SPA9000 no sound


i'm using 3 linksys RVS4000 with firmware versione 1.1.14 in VPN all three

in zone 1 i have SPA9000+400 and 4 SPA941

in zone 2 i have 2 SPA941 and WIP310

in zone 3 i have 2 SPA941 and 1 SPA3102

all SPA941 and SPA3102 work correctly (the system are installed 1 years ago except WIP310 1 week ago)

Re: WIP310 with SPA9000 no sound


Re: WIP310 with SPA9000 no sound

Hi Thomas,

Sure would be interesting to capture a syslog of the SIP messages  from or to the WIP310 (even better would be a ethereal  trace).

If ethereal is not an option, can you grab one of the freeware syslog servers out there for your PC's operating system.

step 1. on the WIP310 under the system tab, you can specify the Syslog  servers IP address.

Make sure your personal or windows  firewall is not blocking the syslog port number , UDP port 514 on the syslog server PC.

Step 2.  Ext 1 on the WIP310 already has 'full' specified under the SIP Debug option (so no action required)

Please note; to wade though a syslog capture is not an easy task, so please don't capture too much.

It would be better to only capture a call being made to the WIP310 and an attempt to hear and speak on the WIP310.

Capture this syslog messages to a text file and post it.

As a thought, it would be interesting (if possible)  to see take the WIP310 to the main site and see if it works when locally connected.

Your current status

Sound all should be working fine, you've manually told the WIP310 that the SPA9000 is at and it's registered.

Still would be interesting to see the SPA9000 PBX status page, but i'm guessing there is a entry there for the WIP310.

Multicasts traffic normally found on a LVS network wont be working  over your  VPN connections. But you must be aware of this already, since the system has been running for a year.

Lastly, if the community can't spot the problem, i guess you could place a call via the Small Business Support Center

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Re: WIP310 with SPA9000 no sound

Hi Dave,

WIP310 are register in SPA9000 (attach the screenshot) correctly.

Next week i send you a syslog of a call and i test connect WIP310 in the same LAN of SPA9000.



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