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Wireless Settings missing on a WVC2300


I have a got a WVC2300 and I want to integrated it to the wireless network of my uc500. I read through the WVC2300 admin guide and found the following instructions:

Wireless Settings

NOTE The wireless settings are only found on the WVC2300 camera.

• SSID—Enter the network’s SSID or network name here. The default SSID name is ciscosb.

• Network Type—From the drop-down list, select the network’s mode, Infrastructure or Ad-hoc.

• Channel No—If the camera is set to Ad-hoc mode, select the appropriate channel from the list provided to correspond with your network settings. All
devices in your wireless network must use the same channel in order to function correctly. In Infrastructure mode, you cannot specify a channel
setting on the camera. It is automatically configured to match the device your camera is connected to.

• Security—Click Edit Security Settings to display the Wireless Security window.

• Security Mode—Select the appropriate option based on your wireless network configuration. The options are Disabled, WEP, WPA/WPA2 Personal, WPA/WPA2 Enterprise.

When I am looking through the Setup Page, I find the SSID and the security option, but no Network type and Channel Option (see picture attached).

I using the latest firmware

If I am not able to switch from adhoc to infrastructure mode, how could I integrated the WVC2300 into my UC500 wireless? By the way, when I reboot the cam to enable wireless mode, the ssid is not broadcasted as adhoc wireless.

Maybe somebody can assist me.



Cisco Employee

Re: Wireless Settings missing on a WVC2300

Dear Sir;

Make sure you read the instructions on the community about the FW requirements on the camera to support integration with UC500. Please first go to and upgrade the camera FW to the one described on the app note on this community.


Community Member

Re: Wireless Settings missing on a WVC2300

Hey Alberto,

I don't think that you have understand my problem. I know the fireware requirements ( and above, and is definitly above) and I also  know how to integrated the video into a spa525g (have done that several times before with PVC2300). What I am trying is to integrated the wireless WVC2300 into the Wlan infrastructure of my UC500. And from my point of view I need to change the wireless network option on the camera itself from adhoc-mode to the infrastructure mode as described in the administration guide for the camera and as I written in my initial post, BUT this option is NOT available on the WVC2300 as you can see on the attached screenshot.



Re: Wireless Settings missing on a WVC2300

Hi Steffan,

I think you are real close.  I dont think you need to change anything.   Just add the remaining IP DGW, DNS, the SSID and security settings to match UC500 and you should be good to go.  Use this doc, where I made WVC2300 work with SPA525G

Here is a pic of the WVC2300 screen:


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