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XML Feed for SPA-500 Series Phones

Hi All,

After hours of Googling, and yet again the great wisdom and advice of Dave Harper (Cisco), managed to get a decent XML feed up and running on the SPA-500 series phones.

I found a brilliant site hosted here in Australia with mainly Aussie content, but I notice they do have some USA based content as well.

It works flawlessly with 7900 series phones, but the SPA-525G2 will shrink it to fit onto the screen without any loss of quality, the SPA-50X phones will do text based only, and may be restricted to Australia (Not sure on this one).

But it is clear and evident that the SPA phones can handle XML feeds quite well, CCA places the configuration on the ephone-templates instead of the old days of it being placed in the Telephone-Service section (Preparation for CCA 3.1 I believe).

If you are interested in testing/playing with this, take a look at this site, right now it is allowing user agent SPA phones to access it

Make sure you have DNS enabled for your IP phone subnet, and if you have an edge router that the edge router can route back to the voice subnet (Fell into this trap today).

In CCA go to "Application" and then to "General Settings"  then click on "Service Menu Access" then enter in the the URL from above.

Just thought I would share this with the community for those who didn't know you could do this, or how to do it



Cheers, David Trad. **When you rate a persons post, you are indicating a thank you or that it helped, but at the same time you are also helping to maintain the community spirit - You don't have to rate posts and you wont be looked down upon :) *
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