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Can´t see all the background image on my 7945 iphone - CME

Hi everyone, I´m having a really weird situation... I did the  upload from my tftp with 8 images but for some reason when I declared  the router to take place as a tftp-server with these comands:


tftp-server flash:Desktops/320x212x16/Austria.png
tftp-server flash:Desktops/320x212x16/Logo.png
tftp-server flash:Desktops/320x212x16/CampusNight.png
tftp-server flash:Desktops/320x212x16/CiscoFountain.png
tftp-server flash:Desktops/320x212x16/MorroRock.png
tftp-server flash:Desktops/320x212x16/NantucketFlowers.png
tftp-server flash:Desktops/320x212x16/Fountain.png
tftp-server flash:Desktops/320x212x16/CiscoLogo.png
tftp-server flash:Desktops/320x212x16/TN-Austria.png
tftp-server flash:Desktops/320x212x16/TN-Logo.png
tftp-server flash:Desktops/320x212x16/TN-CampusNight.png
tftp-server flash:Desktops/320x212x16/TN-CiscoFountain.png
tftp-server flash:Desktops/320x212x16/TN-MorroRock.png
tftp-server flash:Desktops/320x212x16/TN-NantucketFlowers.png
tftp-server flash:Desktops/320x212x16/TN-Fountain.png
tftp-server flash:Desktops/320x212x16/TN-CiscoLogo.png
tftp-server flash:Desktops/320x212x16/List.xml
tftp-server flash:Desktops/320x216x16/List.xml
tftp-server flash:Desktops/320x212x16/List.xml


I  can only see the third image "CampusNight.png" on the screen of my 7945  phone but without the TN, the rest of the images doesn´t appear but  appears the spaces of every image but in blank also without the TN, when  I chose them the screen says "File Not Found" the third one only works.


I can´t understand why, I checked my List.xml file and everything seems OK.


Can you help me??


Thank you in advance!






I also have those images in the others directories such as 320/212/12 ,  320/216/16

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