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Access home internet through VPN from public hotspot

I'd like to sit in a public wifi hotspot like coffee shop, connect via VPN to my local network at home and use my home internet connection (cable modem) to access the outside world. Does anyone have any experices in any Linksys/Cisco Products like Cisco RVS4000, Cisco RV042 that supposedly lets me to do this.

The main reason for this is that i had a share trading software which only permit connection from my home isp. Most of the times i will be travelling around the world for my business and i am unable to use this software.

I know I'd be getting a huge bandwidth hit by surfing via this method but I don't do that much heavy lifting while in coffee shops anyway, I just want to access this software.

For what it's worth I'm using a Windows 7 laptop, but I haven't even configured the router enough yet to have to worry about the client end of things...

Thanks & Regards
Raju K R


Re: Access home internet through VPN from public hotspot


I looked briefly at  RVS4000, and  RV042   both do support VPN and can be confiured as VPN server, and use LinkSys VPN client software to VPN in.

The problem I see is you would like to VPN in from internet accesible places etc..   the Ipsec VPN in this scenario is not practical since you will need the vpn client installed on the machines .

The best solution I see is to use WebVPN, I do not believe these two products above  support WebVPN, you will have to dig in above link to confirm, but frankly I did not see any WebVPN references , you will either need to find  another linksys model that support ssl vpn such as the RVL200 model or  use a Cisco Router or ASA  capable of supporting this technology.

Based on SSL technology WebVPN allows you to use any Web browser anywhere to securely  vpn into your home network and access resources in your LAN including internet from the far end, ASA5505 firewall for example support this technology  in addition to various plug-in such as remote desktop connection etc..

ASA SSL Technology

Router base SSL VPN

Linksys RVL200   SSL/Ipsec router


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Re: Access home internet through VPN from public hotspot

Thanks jorge for the detailed reply . My real concern here is , Is there any feature available with in VPN routeres which will allow to use my home internet over VPN without using proxy servers.



Re: Access home internet through VPN from public hotspot

Raju, what you are refereing to is not realy a feature but a technique known as hairpining or internet on a stick, vpn applience can be configured as full VPN tunnel where ra client  internet  will traversed the tunnel and  be mapped  to  head end VPN server.

As I read your requirement  you need to  load a share software that the destination only allows your home  ISP Ip,  hairpining allows RA client  internet traffic go out your home ISP.

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