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accessing system via ipsec vpn

In the scenario,main office is connected to the branch office via ipsec vpn.We want to access two systems in our main office from brance office.But can access only one of the two at a time when connection established.can any one tell what is the issue.

Thanks in advance.

Cisco Employee

Re: accessing system via ipsec vpn

Please can you paste the configuration, and the IP's you are trying to access.

Also, when you say that you are only able to access one at a time, are you saying that you can only get to one, and not the other at all, or that both are reachable as long as they are not accessed simultaneously?

Community Member

Re: accessing system via ipsec vpn

Thanks for reply.

detail is that,

Site A is using strong swan for Ipsec vpn tunnel to site B having PIX

for VPN tunnel.

There are two servers on two different subnets at siteB.

Want to access both systems from siteA via ipsec tunnel.

But can access only one system means,we can ping system 1 at B and can't ping sytem B.

when we reconnect,then we can ping system2 but cannot ping system 1.

We want to access both systems simultaneously.

Waiting for response.

Cisco Employee

Re: accessing system via ipsec vpn

If you can post the configuration of the PIX here, I can take a look.

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