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Another L2L issue to a sonicwall 5500

So on my 5540 i have a tunnel to a remote sonicwall.  Remote end networks are data: and voice:

Tunnel is up and passes traffic and from my end (Cisco ASA) there are no issues.

The admin on the other end sends me these log entries:

09/06/2013 06:29:30.000

Tunnel Down. policy 2(Hosted),

Dst -,

Src -, GW 7

.x.x.x, inSpi 0x82bc00ab, Reas

on: Remove IPSec SaNode

09/06/2013 06:29:30.064

Tunnel Up. policy 2(Hosted), Ds

t -, S

rc -, GW 74.

x.x.x, inSpi 0x9f520c5d, Reason

: Commit New IPSec (Existed dstNode)

which is apparently happening every 40 to 80 minutes.  Obviously just a blip.

And i confirm that on my end the SPI changes, but i dont really see an outage.  Sonicwall help so far is less than stellar so i figure I'll ask the real experts even though I truly believe it's a sonicwall, or Fios modem issue, on their end.

thanks for any insights.

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