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any connect web vpn

I have a cisco ezvpn connecting from an asa 5505 to a 5510. I also installed the anyconnect settings on the 5505 following these simple instructions attached. But how do I actually install anyconnect on a client? Thanks. 

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When the client browses to

When the client browses to the ASA outside address (using a web browser via https) and authenticates, the pkg file will download automatically and install on the client PC. (The pkg format is simply a compressed archive file - you can open it and see the binaries inside if you inspect it with something like 7-zip.)

They will need local administrator privilege to allow the install but other than that, it is all automatic as long as you have it setup on the ASA per the document you attached.

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In ASDM under "AnyConnect

In ASDM under "AnyConnect Connection Profiles" I have the check box to enable cisco anyconnect vpn client on the interfaces selected below - but when I select the "Allow access" on the inside interface for SSL access it gives an error when trying to apply the config because I have ezvpn setup on this 5505.

If I select "Allow access" for IPSEC (ikev2) it allows me and I even created a self-signed certificate which uses the ASA's hostname and that doesnt connect.

I'm just simply trying to get any connect installed on a laptop to test some things.

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Is it even possible to

Is it even possible to connect to a 5505 using anyconnect webvpn if the 5505 is connected to a 5510 with ezvpn?

If not, I'd be interested in knowing how I can get the anyconnect vpn client installed (any way possible).


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An ASA 5505 should be able to

An ASA 5505 should be able to act as both an SSL VPN server as well as an EasyVPN client. It would be a bit of an odd configuration since those features are seldom used together.

If all you need to do is install the AnyConnect VPN client (independent of anything having to do with your 5505) then you can just download the ISO file from (the current version would be "anyconnect-win-3.1.05170-pre-deploy-k9.iso" - link) and open the archive (e.g. with 7-zip, Winzip etc.) and run the setup file.

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I might end up doing that,

I might end up doing that, but I would need to associate it with the profile in the 5505 somehow. This is for test purposes only, thats why I didn't chose the 5510 as the ssl vpn server but the 5505. 

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