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[AnyConnect] AllowRemoteUsers - Supported protocols


I need to use "Allow Remote Users" option on Cisco AnyConnect.

Which protocols are compatible with this option? It works fine with Microsoft RDP but will it work with Citrix, VDI....?

Thanks for your help,



Hi, Excerpt from a Anyconnect



Excerpt from a Anyconnect Q&A:

Q. Does the Cisco Secure Remote Access VPN solution support Cisco virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)?
A. With Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 9.0 , native clientless support for Citrix VDI deployments has been updated to include XenApp 6.5,
and the latest versions of XenDesktop (up to 5.5) both for laptops, desktops, and mobile devices (Citrix Mobile Receiver). Support for VMware VDI deployments is
offered as well (through smart tunnels). As in past releases , AnyConnect supports VDI deployments, whether Citrix or VMware.



For More Details:



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Hi Karthik,Thanks for your

Hi Karthik,

Thanks for your answer :)

I know that AnyConnect supports VDI deployments.

My question is different.

From my computer A, I use remote desktop on another computer B.

B has AnyConnect installed and can connect to our ASA infrastructure using SSL VPN.

When I connect AnyConnect VPN from remote desktop, AnyConnect automatically disconnects because of the client profile default setup. By default, Local Users Only is selected.


Here is Cisco ASA documentation:

Windows VPN Establishment—Determines the behavior of AnyConnect when a user who is remotely logged on to the client PC establishes a VPN connection. The possible values are:

  • Local Users Only—Prevents a remotely logged-on user from establishing a VPN connection. This is the same functionality as in prior versions of AnyConnect.
  • Allow Remote Users—Allows remote users to establish a VPN connection. However, if the configured VPN connection routing causes the remote user to become disconnected, the VPN connection terminates to allow the remote user to regain access to the client PC. Remote users must wait 90 seconds after VPN establishment if they want to disconnect their remote login session without causing the VPN connection to be terminated.

I assume that Cisco AnyConnect client can detect that user is logged with RDP .

Can AnyConnect detect others type of Remote Desktop (VDI, Xen...) with this option ?



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